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Hangman by Coolmath Games

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Description of Hangman By Coolmath Games Apk Welcome to Hangman by Coolmath Games! We’ve added a fun ne

Description of Hangman By Coolmath Games Apk

Welcome to Hangman by Coolmath Games! We’ve added a fun new twist to this classic word game! Play dozens of awesome categories and solve thousands of unique puzzles!

Your goal is to guess the word or phrase to save the player from the hungry monster. Guess one letter at a time to see if it’s in the Hangman word. Tap on a letter to guess it and the letter will fill in a blank space if you guess a letter correctly. If not, you’ll pop a balloon and get closer to falling in the beast’s mouth! Try to guess the word or phrase once you have enough correct letters on the Hangman board.

Don’t guess too many letters wrong, or the beast will get you! Guess wrong and a balloon will pop. Once all the balloons are gone, you fall to the ground and get gobbled up!

Guess the hangman word or phrase correctly to save up your balloons for the next hangman challenge. Up the ante by increasing the hangman puzzle difficulty – you’ll have fewer balloons to hang on to!

Use your vowels. Looking at vowels is a good way to start. Since there are only 5, you can fill in some blanks pretty quickly. They can even help you guess the answer straight away. For example, if you try the letter A and the word looks like this ‘_A_A_A’, you might be able to guess straight away that the answer is BANANA just from one letter.

Break down phrases. When trying to guess a phrase, break it up and look at each word rather than focusing on the letters. If you can guess one word then it may lead you to guess the other words in the phrase.

Don’t forget to guess your Js and Zs. The letters J and Z always trip people up. They’re both rare and it’s not always obvious when you need one to complete a word or phrase. Don’t guess a Z or a J at the very beginning but keep them in mind as you play.

Hangman teaches you spelling, vocabulary, and other related language skills. Hangman can also help expand your topical knowledge.

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